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At Dutch Offshore Contractors, HEALTH, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT and QUALITY have maximum priority and consideration in all aspects of our work. Throughout our organisation and the projects we execute, this philosophy is promoted in a proactive and visible manner.

For every project, we develop a specific QHSE plan which helps the project team to identify and incorporate their HSE related responsibilities, as well as ensures adoption of a systematic approach to HSE across the project, including all sub-contractor activities. The project QHSE plan will define the HSE management structure, requirements, activities and reporting for the scope of the project and the management of sub-contractors/suppliers to meet the contractual, regulatory as well as project HSE requirements and targets.


At DOC we are committed to achieve the highest quality standards with particular emphasis placed upon risk management & control, safety, security, protection of the environment and continuous skill and performance improvement of all staff. As a result, Dutch Offshore Contractors holds ISO9001:2015 accreditation.

The project team will establish and maintain a project management system in line with our QHSE management system and project requirements. The project QHSE plan describes the quality related processes and methods to monitor and control the planned operations. The project QUALITY plan applies to all aspects of the works conducted by our team, as well as our subcontractors and suppliers.



SAFETY of our staff and the people we work with is always on the top of our agenda. SAFETY is all about minimising risk. Therefore risk management is a crucial element of our daily management and project planning. With a proactive mindset, we identify, evaluate and devise suitable strategies for transferring and sharing lessons learnt, and minimising if not eliminating risks. The project QHSE plan and risk register form an integral part of all our project executions. It incorporates preventive and corrective measures, and consists of procedures like Method Statements, Safe Work Methodology, Work Instructions, Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA), and Toolbox Talks. These procedures are integrated in the design & planning phase of every project, and are monitored and adjusted in case necessary throughout project execution.


The following accreditations are a testimony of our continuous commitment to HEALTH, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT & QUALITY. 



BIMCO certificate of membership

QHSE Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

Information Security Policy

Stop the Job Policy

Alcohol & Drugs Policy