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Boiler transport on DOC Carrier

In May 2022 the DOC Carrier was chartered for a transportation of three boilers and some auxilliary equipment from Bilboa, Spain to Istanbul, Turkey.

The stakes were high to get it all done within the deadline, but due to a good cooperation between DOC and the client, the project was a great success.

Additional Support

As the timeframe was very limited we put in our knowledge and expertise by helping the client with additional services. We managed to help with the port-authorities on site to find suitable mooring locations and to get all permits in place for the operations. We assisted to get all the neccessary towing permits in place before departure and that resulted in on time delivery.

With two of our ballast engineers on site we assisted in engineering by making suitable ballast plans for the roro operations and with the safe and sound execution of these plans.

Barge Istanbul