Dismantling and transport of jack-up rig Prime Exerter

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In October 2012, PrimePoint Holdings Pte. Ltd. appointed DOC as subcontractor for the transport of the jack-up rig Prime Exerter from Rotterdam to Baku, Azerbaijan. DOC provided a total transport package including concept design, engineering, project execution, logistics, brokerage and the personnel on-site, from engineers, naval architects, towmasters and ballast engineers to a jacking crew and mooring personnel.

Within a one-year timeframe, the jack-up rig Energy Exerter was dismantled into several pieces and transported to Baku, where it would be rebuilt as the Prime Exerter. It was the first jack-up rig in history that was dismantled into smaller pieces and reconstructed for reuse at its destination. The reason for dismantling this 13,000 ton jack-up rig was that it is too big to be transported to the Caspian Sea in one piece due to the size restriction of the Volga Don Canal locks. Multiple barges were used to transport all pieces through the canals of Russia into the Caspian Sea.

Before the main cutting of the rig could be done, it had to be stripped of all loose equipment. DOC organised the logistic handling, including personnel, containers, custom clearances and shipping to Baku. Parallel to this the engineering was executed, the major challenge being to design a concept for dismantling the rig in such a way it could easily be reassembled at its destination. The solution DOC provided was simple and cost-effective: jacking down the rig on three connected barges that could be disconnected and reconnected again. The larger pieces of the hull would consequently already be at the right position on the grillage of the barges. After cutting, the other remaining pieces and legs were lifted by shear leg and placed on the remaining space of the barges. The three separate barges were ready for transport and set sail towards Baku in May 2013.

Four more barges were used for the remaining items. Most important were the three legs, which were also cut into three smaller pieces each. The cantilever, accommodation, the B.O.P and all other equipment were placed on these barges as well.

In September 2013, when the first three barges were reconnected in Baku, the other four barges sailed away from Rotterdam.

After arrival in Baku, and reassembly of the rig had started, DOC remained involved for calculations and marine support.

  • LOCATIONRotterdam, the Netherlands - Baku, Azerbaijan
  • SCOPETransport of jack-up rig via Volga Don Canal to Baku
  • PERIOD October 2012 - April 2015
  • CLIENTPrimePoint Holdings Pte. Ltd.

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