Loading of Dredging Equipment for COSCO Heavy Transport

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Occasionally, demobilisation and mobilisation are performed simultaneously for better efficiency. COSCO’s HLV XIA ZHI YUAN 6 called the port of Flushing after the second delivery of new lock gates for the Panama Canal.

With 360 tonnes of grillage and sea fastening still on deck, the local logistics and welding teams were awaiting her arrival. The high-tensile steel was cut swiftly so it could be off-loaded continuously by the shore cranes onto the steady flow of heavy flatbed trucks. Within record time and zero undercutting of the deck, 100% of the structures was recycled. At the same time both 400 mt buoyancy casings were repositioned by a sheer leg and fully welded onto the main deck by the second welding team.

The DOC superintendent positioned the cargo – consisting of seven dredging vessels – onto the vessel within a tight weather window. The loading operations were executed in the new DOC sinkpit at Flushing, making all float-on/float-off operations tidal-independent.

  • LOCATIONFlushing, the Netherlands
  • SCOPELoading of tight-fitting dredging equipment onto HLV Xia Zhi Yuan 6
  • PERIOD December 2014
  • CLIENTCOSCO Heavy Transport

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