1000 T carousel 01

1000 T

1000 T



Equipment Specification

Modular design carousel that can be transported via road or lifted in one piece.

We can outfit the turntable with fixed walls or we can put a seperate basket on top of the turntable. Making this an ideal turntable for multiple spooling operations.

Its an ideal turntable for offshore use. Specially for smaller vessels and barges.

Ideal for cable repair projects.

N Sea1 1000 T carousel lift DSC02032


Compact Turntable to suit the Offshore Wind Cable and Umbilical markets

Low Profile Circular Grillage optimises vessel deck space enhancing its suitablitity for smaller vessels and barges

Can be offered as carousel only, or with dedicated loading tower and deck tensioner

Modular design allows integration with various storage basket sizes, offering flexible storage solutions

Technical details


1000 ton

Basket outer diameter

14.0 m

Basket inner diameter

4.0 m

Basket height

3.5 m

Height from deck to basket floor

1.0 m

Empty Weight

95 T


4x 20 kW hydraulic motors equipped with Failsafe Brakes

Maximum speed

600 m/hr maximum lay rate

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