360 t basket

360 T

360 T



Equipment Specification

This basket is liftable with product inside. Making this an ideal basket for long term storage of spare cable.

It can be used together with the 1000t turntable.

It's modular design makes it also easy for transportation via road.

360 t basket 2 360 t basket


Cable basket for onshore and offshore cable spooling, transportation and storage

360 ton storage capacity suitable for offshore wind farm inter-array and export power cable storage

Compatable with 1000T carousel. mobile loading tower or bow cable engine (BCE)

Modular design for containerized transportation and quick mobilisation and demobilisation

Technical details


360 ton

Basket outer diameter

12.0 m

Basket inner diameter

7.0 m

Basket diameter over all

13.5 m

Basket height

4.5 m

Empty basket weight

38 ton

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