5500 T Osprey Carousel

5500 T

5500 T



Equipment Specification

Large offshore carousel that can be mobilised on any type op vessel or barge.

It can be lifted in one pieces and is therefore easy to mobilise.

Inner and outer wall can be heightened if necessary.

5500 T Transport Carousel 7 5500 T carousel crane set down DB schenker 1


Offshore basket carousel design to suit the offshore wind cable and umbilical markets

Robust grillage design to handle severe vessel or barge motions on sea

Can be offered as carousel only, or with dedicated loading tower and deck tensioner

Technical details

Storage capacity

5500 ton

Outer diameter

26.0 m

Inner diameter

5.0 m

Basket height

6.0 m

Weight empty carousel

600 ton


4x hydraulic motors equipped with Failsafe brakes


600 m/hr maximum lay rate

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