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9000 T

9000 T



Equipment Specification

Built to handle a staggering 9000 metric tons of cable, this carousel offers unmatched capacity, enabling the storage and deployment of extensive lengths of subsea cables.

The 9000t offshore carousel stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of offshore cable equipment.

DOC has three 9000t offshore carousels in the equipment pool.

The carousels are designed and fabricated by DOC.

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Dedicated basket carousel for offshore and onshore cable spooling, transportation and storage

DOC has three carousels available

Empty carousel is liftable in one piece for quick mobilization

Basket partitions can be made on request

Technical details


9000 ton

Outer diameter (OD)

29.0 m

Inner diameter (ID)

8.0 m

Basket height

7.0 m

Height over all

8.5 m

Weight empty carousel

490 ton


4x 147 kW nominal hydraulic motors

Maximum speed carousel

0.6 RPM

Design appraisal and verification


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