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Storage Facilities

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110.000 m2 storage area

At our ISPS yard in Vlissingen we offer storage facilities. With easy access by road and port the storage facility is suitable for multiple purposes. We can offer offices, lift equipment, transport equipment and staff when necessary.

Lay-by, handling, maintenance and cable projects

With direct access to open sea we offer deepwater suitable terminal services at our ISPS yard in Vlissingen. Also by highway the location is easy to reach. Divided over two mooring piers with an accumulated length of 400m we can facilitate vessel lengths up to 250m. On request we can also support with staff, our other facilities and equipment.

Terminal Services


Lay-by Opportunities

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400 meter quay side facilities

A separate dedicated area is used by many of our clients for temporary lay-by. On our mooring piers we can deliver full scope stevedoring services and our in-house port agency arranges all matters related to the port call, such as stevedoring, general logistics and even small-scale repair work or machinery repairs.

Mobilisation and demobilisation services

Our terminal is the ideal spot for mobilisation and demobilisation of vessels. We always find a suitable solution for the handling of project specific equipment. Being cable carousels, baskets or other equipment. We have a long track record in mobilization of heavy transport vessels and cable transport or repair vessels. We deliver the preparation, the people and the necessary equipment to deliver a fast and safe mobilization or demobilization.

Mob and Demob Services

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Safe and dry storage

Warehousing services are offered indoor and outdoor, the premises are ISPS secluded and fenced. Our well-equipped indoor area covers 1200m2. The outdoor area is large and suitable for all kinds of warehouse needs, including hard concrete floor and high load requirements.