Heavy Transport

Marine Expertise

JB115 Transport EOG

Marine knowledge and expertise

We have a team with a long history of Marine expertise in the field of Offshore Heavy transport, towage and Heavy lifts. We are pleased to offer this service and knowledge to our Clients. Project objective is always to be cost efficient, safe and execution with a hands-on mentality.

Operations and Projects

Our qualified group of Superintendents have many years of experience in the maritime industry. The group consist of professionals like towmasters, loadmasters, mooring masters and ballast engineers. With capable and experienced people we drive our Client’s project to a success.

Marine Operations

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Semi-Submersible Operations

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Semi-Submersible Operations

Since the foundation of DOC we are involved in semi-submersible operations and in so doing we established a world wide client base. We deliver superintendents, engineering and complete project management for the heavy lift maritime industry.

In-house Engineering

We have an inhouse team of engineers with advanced software. Combined with the marine expertise this offers efficient and safe solutions that are well prepared, analyzed and fully documented.

Marine Engineering